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Road Trip EP Digital Download

Road Trip EP Digital Download

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This EP grew out of 'Untitled Song About Driving' which I wrote after finding myself mesmerized by a program on TV that was simply showing dash cam footage of someone driving through the Canadian province of Quebec. It made me think of all the long drives I have taken on Canadian highways, and the hypnosis that occurs after several hundred kilometres of trees and rocks broken by the occasional white cross on the side of the road, or declaration of love spray painted on an overpass.

To capture those meditative qualities the song structure is very repetitive, which is quite a departure for me and my progressive rock background. I wrote the song live in front of my audience on Twitch, and it soon became a crowd favourite. Since it was such an anomaly for me, I decided that in order to release it, I would write two songs to bookend it on an EP. First came 'Red Twist' which is about that feeling of spotting the twisted red neon 'Vacancy' sign on a roadside motel, and pulling over to crash after a long day of driving. Then I went back to write 'Packing the Car'. There's a very specific early morning feeling, before the rest of the world wakes up, that I wanted to capture here. The fuzziness in your brain before you've had your coffee, the haze and mist in the sky before the sun fully rises. Also, no matter how well prepared you are, there's always that little voice of doubt wondering if you did all the things you were supposed to do, and packed all the things you were supposed to bring. And maybe the weather won't cooperate.

No final destination is reached in this EP. The point of the road trip is that you got in the car and went. Where you end up is up to the listener. All three songs were written and recorded live on Twitch.

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